Wasted State RecordsWasted State Records is an independent record label based in Edinburgh, distributed by Code 7/Plastic Head. We are the home of Bacchus Baracus, Firebrand Super Rock, Certain Death, Dvne, Gareeda, Paper Beats Rock, Black Talon & the Sawyer Family.

We started putting out records in 2004 and since then, we’ve had the pleasure to work some of Scotland’s best underground acts. Our first release was Taking Chase’s debut EP ‘Have A Good Time All The Time’. Since then we’ve put out loads of releases from Tyrant Lizard Kings’s second album ‘Six Shooter’ to Bacchus Baracus’s ‘Tales of Worries, Woes & Whatever’ on limited edition vinyl. Our latest release is Dvne’s album, ‘Asheran‘.


No egos, no arseholes.