Wasted State RecordsWasted State Records are proud to announce the pre-orders for Old Man Lizard’s upcoming third album ‘True Misery’, released through ourselves on November 30th 2018 on Vinyl, CD and Digital.

‘True Misery’ is a start to finish album, it will drag you in, take you on a journey and spit your right back out begging for more. Hailing from Suffolk, Old Man Lizard are no strangers to the live circuit having appeared at DesertFest in both London and Belgium, as well as their own European tours.

Expect live dates very soon. In the mean time, follow the link for pre-orders!

Old Man Lizard – ‘True Misery’ Pre-Order

WSR027 1200X1200

1. Shark Attack
2. Snakes!!!
3. Tree of Ténéré
4. The Adventures Of Rupert Biggins
5. Trees Fall Down
6. Cursed Ocean, Relentless Sea
7. Misery Is Miserable
8. Return To Earth