Wasted State put out our first release, Taking Chase’s Have a Good Time All The Time in 2008 Since then we have put out releases by The Tyrant Lizard Kings, Black Talon, Firebrand Super Rock, DVNE, Old Man Lizard, Juniper Grave, Morass of Molasses and Big (Pig). It’s been a wild ride, and we’re not finished yet. Check back here for news as we continue to release some brilliant albums of good old rock and roll! 


Wasted State is distributed through Code 7 via Plastic Head, you can usually find our releases in your local record store, if not, ask nicely and we’re sure they’ll get it in for you. Music is a breathing thing, and from the artist to the listener, there are people at all stages of the process that nurture scenes through studios, venues and live music, to record stores recommending you stuff you may never hear of otherwise, to the people behind the scenes, in warehouses and factories. All these people make it their daily business to get the music to you. Let’s not forget the artists, that music piping through your headphones, speakers or car stereo, never underestimate how much time, love, effort, heartache and general fuckery went into that!