Juniper Grave – Of Hellions & Harridans

WSR028 1200X1200Juniper Grave were ushered into Edinburgh’s Chamber Studio earlier this year and the doors sealed until they emerged, more powerful, brandishing ‘Of Hellions and Harridans’. We will be celebrating by releasing these stories of warrior women and accursed souls on primitive mortal formats; the Compact Disc, the Vinyl Record and the Digital, this coming December 7th 2018A.D.

Part with your currency in advance at the link below, or click the tapestry for digital teleportation. Human produced merchandise bundles are also available.


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Juniper Grave – Of Hellions & Harridans


1. The Forest
2. A Trick Of The Light
3. Daughters Of The Waves
4. The Bridge Between Worlds
5. Dance Of The Dæmon Queen
6. Lunar Calling
7. Rest With Your Dead (Faoiltighearna)


Catch ceremonies live in the following physical buildings:church poster with support

07/12/18 – St Mark’s, Edinburgh
08/12/18 – Yorkshire House, Lancaster
09/12/18 – Temple of Boom, Leeds
13/12/18 – Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow
14/12/18 – Little Building, Newcastle