Atragon – I, Necromancer

Atragon are a Doom Metal quartet formed in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2012. ‘I, Necromancer’ is the band’s debut full length album, crafting slow to mid-tempo riff heavy songs that boast an epic scope. The lyrics and album concept is inspired by classic horror tales. Their sound is filled with heavy tones, catchy riffs and a theatrical lead vocal. Atragon have a nostalgic quality, reminiscent of classic Doom bands such as Saint Vitus, Candlemass and Cathedral, yet with a modern production sound.1200 x 1200

 “The main appeal of this record is how solid and unwavering the conviction is; stoner doom doesn’t always need to be endlessly inventive, but it does need to believe in it’s power. Atragon deliver this in buckets.” ~ The Monolith

Having toured and gigged the country extensively, playing such festivals as North of the Wall, Riff Fest and Bloodstock, and opening for luminaries including Church of Misery, Bongripper, Saint Vitus, Grand Magus, Windhand, Slough Feg, Cough, Conan & Wounded Kings, Atragon carve an energetic and memorable presence on the live UK scene.

‘I, Necromancer’ is available from Wasted State Records on double gatefold vinyl from the link below.

Atragon – I, Necromancer

“…a gleefully gargantuan doom record.” – UK Scumscene

“…this is electrifying.” – Nine Hertz