Photographic Evidence

It’s that time again where everyone is looking over what they have achieved in the previous year. Our 2018 started with a repress of Dvne’s ‘Asheran’, followed by the release of Atragon’s ‘I, Necromancer’ and was topped at the end of the year with Old Man Lizard’s ‘True Misery’ and Juniper Grave’s ‘Of Hellions and Harridans’. A pretty busy year for this one man band of a label. None of this could be achieved without the support of our distributors Code 7 & Plastic Head as well as Purple Sage and All Noir who have been expertly dealing with our PR, and, of course, everyone who bought a record from any of our bands over the years. The support have been more than outstanding!

Currently I’m trying to decide what’s next, there’s a fair few options so I’ll be spending the coming weeks sifting through release options.

Psycho Las Vegas with Dvne in August was a highlight for all involved and won’t soon be forgotten, a huge thanks to the Pyscho Crew for their hospitality.

In the middle of December last year, along with Victor and Dan from Dvne, I was involved in putting on Dvne, Pijin, Old Man Lizard and Bacchus Barracus at Edinburgh’s La Belle Angele. Despite being a terrible time of year for a gig, the crowd were great and the bands pulled no punches. Alan Swan Photography was kind enough to capture the proceedings, and did a spectacular job as usual.

That’s it for now, keep your eyes on the website for any and all news.


Toni Martone

Toni Martone