• Bacchus Baracus
    Bacchus Baracus formed in 2010 over a mutual love of beer, joints, whisky, fuzz pedals and all that's groovy and down tuned. Based in Glasgow, they recorded a 4 song e.p. Growler and released it themselves, before it’s digital re-release through Wasted State Records at the tail end of 2012. During this time they played all round Scotland building up a loyal following wherever they went.
  • Black Talon
    Black Talon take their cues from classic thrash in the vein of Forbidden, Dark Angel and Exodus but are not just another ‘revival’ band content to rehash a few riffs from the 80's, instead they have the ambition to build monstrous, twisting songs that combine modern technical flourishes and mind-bending time signatures with the furious straight-up speed and hooks of their thrash metal forefathers.
  • Certain Death
    Rap, Thrash n Roll from Kirkcaldy! As featured on Radio 1, BBC, ITV and GTA!
  • Dvne
    Dune meld sludge, hardcore, doom and prog influences to create a highly original and technical sound. An incredibly talented 4 piece, their heavily layered, three vocal approach offers a level of variety not found in modern sludge. Their grasp of dynamics and tightness is impressive for a band so new. Check out the future of UK sludge now!
  • Eagletomb
    Doomsludge power trio. Slow & heavy riffs. For fans of Baroness, Sleep, Karma to Burn.
  • Firebrand Super Rock
    Firebrand Super Rock play real classic heavy metal with soaring female vocals, thundering riffs and screaming solos. Since forming in Edinburgh in late 2004, Firebrand Super Rock have gigged tirelessly, played at festivals such as Bloodstock Open Air and Hammerfest and supported Slayer, Trivium, Mastodon and Amon Amarth at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. Their second album, 'Born For The Gallows' was released on Wasted State on Monday 3rd of December.
  • Gareeda
    Formed in the first quarter of 2010 following turbulent times in not just the local music scene, but the UK, Gareeda formed over a mutual taste in music, principles and methods of consuming bourbon.
  • Paper Beats Rock
    Punk rock 'n' roll from Edinburgh, taking no shit, dealing out the riffs.
  • The Tyrant Lizard Kings
    Raw, feedback laden, stoner rock power trio. Debut album 'Six Shooter' was released on Wasted State on the 2nd September 2009.