New Frontiers

You can catch the latest in my industry related rants now over at Echoes & Dust. In my own words; “rough and un-researched “. Enjoy!   T    

Photographic Evidence

It’s that time again where everyone is looking over what they have achieved in the previous year. Our 2018 started with a repress of Dvne’s ‘Asheran’, followed by the release of Atragon’s ‘I, Necromancer’ and was topped at the end… Continue Reading


It’s usually around this time of year I tend to write some kind of commentary on Record Store Day. This year however, I don’t think there’s much to add. RSD continues as it has done for the last few years,… Continue Reading

More Nonsense…

It would appear that I’m not the only person ‘in the industry’ getting their nuts in a twist about the knock on effects of Record Store Day. There are independent labels shouting from the rooftops that RSD is not supporting… Continue Reading